Independent Author Information

I can be contracted through ACX, as well as simply contracted through email!  My rates are listed below, but feel free to reach out and we can discuss what exactly you need!

Rates for Independent Audiobook Contracts


$285 PFH, $325 PFH (duet)

$200 PFH + Royalty Share (RS+)

Dual/Duet rates with PJ Freebourn:

$300 PFH (dual), $325 PFH (duet)

$220 PFH + Royalty Share (dual), $245 PFH + RS (duet)

*Minimum Charge is for ONE FINISHED HOUR

Independent Projects Off-Platform

$300 (solo)/$350 (duet) PFH + 14% P&H + Paymaster Fee OR

Talk to me about a SAG-AFTRA One Production Only Agreement!

If you are working with a production company, I am also available to request, even with companies I may not have worked with before.

Companies I have worked with before or I am on their roster: